Position 1

in southern Moravia

Long tradition

in the field of metal machining

Position 1

in southern Moravia

Long tradition

in the field of metal machining
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Our machine fleet has grown with a new machine. The CCG 3210 Cylindrical grinding machine is able to print even large workpieces thanks to your technical parameters.

Our machinery

Macmatic VMC 1670 machining center

Thanks to the large Z-axis exit, we are able to milling or drilling larger workpieces

YANG Eagle SML-20 CNC lathe

This is a CNC lathe with the FANUC Series O-TD operating system from YANG Eagle.

Macmatic CCG 3210

Thanks to the large grinding diameter and the length between the tips, we are able to meet a wide range of offers and requirements.

W100 horizontal boring machine

Particularly suitable for machining medium-sized workpieces by milling and boring.

Karusel SK12

Two-column vertical lathe designed mainly for turning larger workpieces.

Pegas AUTOMAT 380 band CNC saw

The saw is designed to cut material in vertical cuts in an automatic or semi-automatic cycle. The whole saw is designed to match the stresses in the production conditions.

Our products are different machine components according to the customer’s wishes. These are shafts, flanges, pinions, gears and pulleys. Further on covers and gearboxes.

Our team

Radek Stehlík

Executive Officer

Michal Stehlík

Deputy Director

Jan Sochor

Deputy Director


If you are interested in our services or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can contact us at this phone number +420 774 888 339 or fill out the following contact form.